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Professional answering services use Pros | Phone Etiquette Tips

10 Professional Phone Etiquette Tips To Be a Pro

  •  Be Prepared
  •  Answer Professionally
  • Smile when you answer the phone
  • Take Accurate Messages – repeat to the caller to clarify any questions and the #
  • Remain Friendly
  • Do Not Be Distracted
  • Do Not Whisper or Yell
  • Speak Clearly
  • Listen well to the caller
  • Ask a caller for consent before placing them on holdm

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Such good tips and common sense! These tips make a difference in the quality of the call and the user experience.  At Answerphone247 we take special care and follow this advice!


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Phone etiquette has a big impact on your business.  The person answering your phone is representing you and your company to your clients. It is important to create a good first impression with your professional telephone etiquette.  Customer satisfaction is a major goaL.
We are in the Customer Service Industry and professional phone skills are a must! You have to be a PRO…
Your telephone etiquette adds value to you, your employer, and the callers you are interacting with. | Best Telephone Answering