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On-Call Locksmith? Answerphone 24/7 is a full service 24 hour answering service for expert locksmith pros near me 24 hours. Are they locked out? Check Locksmiths near me here at Answerphone.  

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Locksmith near me | Locksmith pros is open 24 hours a day to answer and dispatch for locksmith pros: for Car, Residential, and Commercial Lockouts | No matter when you need us, we are open and ready to answer your calls.

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Whether locked out, lost, broken or stolen keys,  Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Military/Government GSA professional locksmith near me can save the day for your clients!
When customers are locked out of their home or business and dialing your telephone number looking for a top rated dependable locksmith to help, we will answer your telephone and help the caller, following your instructions on message taking and dispatch. Quick Response, Excellent Service
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Learn three ways to program a car key: How to Replace and Program Your Car Key at Home

interested in becoming a locksmith Pro?

13 states still require locksmith licensing.

A great resource for becoming a locksmith is:  Vocational Training HQ

This website has a wealth of information on how to become a locksmith in every state!  


Associated Locksmiths of America is another great resource for you.


to receive professional support for your company and clients.

Some Lockmaking history for Locksmiths near me

I think it becomes easy to take some things or professions for granted.  For instance a “locksmith”.  They’ve been around all my life but when did they come into existence?  
Here’s a little bit of history to fill us in according to the

“Locksmithing is one of the oldest professions. It is believed to have started in Ancient Egypt and Babylon around 4000 years ago.

A common belief was that the first locks were small and portable and were used to protect goods from thieves who were common along ancient travel routes. Not so.

Locks back then were not as sophisticated as they are now. Most locks were large, crude and made of wood. However, they were used and worked in the same way as today’s locks. There were pins in the lock, however, they could only be moved with the use of a large cumbersome wooden key (imagine something looking like a large wooden toothbrush). This giant key was inserted into the lock and pushed upwards.”

A big thank you to all the Locksmith Pros!  I sure am glad to be able to call you when I’ve done it again!  Thanks for your service!  How many service calls do you have in a year?  Are there more car lockouts than any other type or is it residential or commercial clients that call you the most? Where do safe opening calls fit it?  Are they the least amount of service calls?  Interesting profession!