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An inspiring example of a business that
has lent a hand to other small businesses
as they make their way through current crises together.Businesses helping other businesses!

 John Cho founded pet resource website My Pet Child in response to that financial struggle.“Pet owners were having trouble keeping pets fed and affording vet bills,
and sadly many had to make the difficult choice to surrender their pets,” Cho said. “I have a background in digital marketing and saw an opportunity to help out as many people and animals as possible.”




“As a marketer I knew that this could be beneficial for everyone involved,” he explained. “Businesses and charities would get more exposure, donors and customers through my website and word-of-mouth from those they have served, and pet owners would get to keep their pets healthy, fed and housed in loving homes.”


Today, Cho is working to expand the network, especially in more rural areas. Once organizations join the network, they can be found through its one-stop database, and in turn find other organizations to collaborate with.


“There is an urgent and growing need for pet food, supplies and affordable vet care … and there are plenty of people willing to share these services—but that only helps if pet owners know these resources exist,” said Cho. “We are really pushing My Pet Child in digital spaces, social media and advertising so pet owners know there are options other than surrendering their pets. This is a once-in-a-century opportunity to not only make a profit, but make a difference.”

The source of this inspiring story is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. A link to that site is here:


There is an urgent and growing need for pet care.  

Find information about the independent, locally owned and operated veterinarians: 

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An opportunity to support small business and local ownership regarding medical care for your pets. | Best Telephone Answering