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How to Ask for Client Reviews

7 Places to Ask Your Client for a Review

Where to ask for Client reviews

Your Opinion Matters -customer reviews valued

7 Places to Ask Your Client For a Review

  1. In person - at a meeting or lunch
  2. On your website Testimonial page
  3. Social media sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
  4. Text your request 
  5. In an email 
  6. On your invoice and statement.
  7. In a phone conversation

Make it easy for your client to leave a review - include a link to leave the review! 
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Ask for a review. People liked to be asked what they think and appreciate being listened to.  What do they like?  What could be improved?

We want to provide the best customer experience possible. Happy customers stay.  Unhappy customers will eventually find an alternative and leave. 

Collecting customers feedback shows that you value their opinion.

Knowing customer opinion provides a an opportunity to improve our customer’s experience by adjusting our actions to meet their needs.

It’s important to listen to our customers! Client reviews are powerful.

Business reputation is affected by customer reviews.  

Customer feedback can help a business 

improve their services or products.  We want to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with our business!
Make it easy for your client to leave a review. Client reviews are powerful.

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Simbline provides a phrase generator to help write reviews!