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We are specialists in medical telephone answer for healthcare providers. 
Emergency Medical Exchange 

Doctor’s Exchange ~ Dental Exchange ~ Dental Call Answering Service ~ Healthcare Answering Service ~ Telephone Answering for Healthcare Professionals – All Specialities – Offices – Practices – Facilities –  

Medical Emergency Exchange 
Houston, TX 

Emergency Exchange answering for all healthcare professionals.  We are specialists, and experts at telephone for healthcare providers. It’s 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for us. Live professional staff working diligently to care for your callers and get the messages delivered to you in the way you ask us to deliver them.  Your phone call answering is designed specifically for your requests. Secure delivery.

ANSWERPHONE has 100+  Years of 24 Hour Medical Exchange Answering | Phone Call Answer and Dispatch Services.We care about each telephone call that we are answer and take great care with every message.
We Serve with Experienced professional live operators for healthcare answering service clients! Our staff are compassionate and caring people.

Established in 1921 We take and dispatch messages securely. Completing live call transfers as requested We are HIPAA Compliant. We get the message that you request, with all the information that you require..

Operating 24/7 – 365 Days per Year
Live Professional Staff answer and dispatch medical telephone calls. 
tas Houston, Texas  | Answering service in Houston, Texas

Call us now at 877-267-3774 or SCHEDULE A time for a call BACK. We will call at the time you choose

Healthcare providers contact us for Answering service calls ~ Houston TX Medical Answering Service

Supporting your office, practices, health care facility, clinics etc with premier telephone call medical answering services.  All healthcare specialties. Answering when you need us. Houston, Tx Medical Answering Service for all healthcare professions. 

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Houston Telephone Answering Services
Houston Tx Medical Answering Service

Do you know that Texas Medical Center is the largest in the WORLD? With 106,000 employees working in the complex!

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Houston is an amazing city!  The median age of residents is 34.9! And they are the most diverse city in North America. “According to the U.S. Census, Houston is the most ethnically diverse large city in the U.S., as no single racial or ethnic group represents a majority.” 

houston tx medical answering service

24 Hour Medical Answering Service

Open 24/7 Emergency Exchange
Live Specialized Operators Answer and Dispatch Calls 

There is great weather in Houston, TX year round.  In January it’s around 40 degrees and in July is about 95 degrees Farenheit.

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