Answerphone is HIPAA compliant
Our compassionate friendly staff specializes in hospice & home health care answering service

Hospice and Home Health Care 24 Hour Answering Services

It is a privilege to answer for Home Health and Hospice providers and your compassionate staff!  We are thankful for all you do to take care of those who mean so much to us.   

Answerphone | Friendly, Polite and Helpful Live Operators - Day and Night

  • Our compassionate and friendly staff specializes in hospice and home health care answering service with custom protocols unique to your needs during business and after business hours.
  • While you provide specialized care for your patients and family members, we are an extension of your organization. 
  • Caring commitment to your patients and their families needs is just a phone call away. Let us work with you to provide compassionate, dependable and continuous phone service availability to your clients. 
  • Call or message us to find out about easy set up and no long term commitment requirements.
  • We are a HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service with  secure messaging.  Your confidential information remains confidential.  We offer call patching  (live call transfer) across the USA.  We are nationwide.
  • 24/7/365 since 1921

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