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Our telephone answering service company, has been answering phone calls and taking messages since 1921.
We know that Message Taking is an art and an important form of communication that we rely on daily. Our telephone answering service never closes.

Message taking is best accomplished with a polite, friendly and professional attitude.
Greeting callers with a smile and a friendly voice when we answer the phone makes for a pleasant day. Our operators are exceptional communicators.

To be an expert message taker, you must
be a good listener! Yes, there are times that even though you are really good at listening
to people,
you miss something that was said. When you realize it,
please be sure to ask the caller to repeat that phrase and thank her/him for telling you again. It is imperative to ask for clarification!

As different customers request different information be taken for their telephone calls, be sure to see what you have
been asked to capture for that specific customer.

Before completing the phone call, check to make sure you have all the info you need.
Repeating the phone number is always a good idea!
Ask for clarification of the spelling of the caller’s name and
any other name’s or details.
Thank the caller for the message and let them know that it will be delivered.

In the early ’90’s we were still a paperbased tas company. Every call was
handwritten in ink on our special individual call slips. Time In and Out were recorded
as was the way the message was given to our customer.

All Office schedules and on-call information was also all paper; and our third shift filed daily.

Being computerized changed things of course but it is nice to hestitate and briefly to remember and acknowledge our past. This was a nice trip down memory lane, remembering how things were then and how they are now.


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