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Telephone etiquette has a big impact on your business.  The person answering your phone is representing you and your company to your clients. It is important to create a good first impression with your professional telephone etiquette.  Customer satisfaction is a major goal!

We are in the Customer Service Industry and professional phone skills are a must! You have to be a PRO…

Your telephone etiquette adds value to you, your employer, and the callers you are interacting with.

10 Professional Phone Etiquette Tips To Be a Pro

  1.  Be Prepared

  2.  Answer Professionally 

  3. Smile as You Answer the Phone

  4. Take Accurate Messages

  5. Remain Friendly

  6. Do Not Be Distracted

  7. Do Not Whisper or Yell

  8. Speak Clearly

  9. Listen well to the caller

  10. Ask a caller for consent before placing them on hold

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